24 January 2012

Craving: Warehouse Metal Corners Bowling Bag

I have been desperate for a bag with a short handle for toting and a long handle for crossbody for ages - literally since last summer! A practical bag that is stylish, is not that easy to come by and for me having a bag that is a decent size, and can be toted in so many different ways is great. So when I spied the Warehouse Metal Corners Bowling Bag on their website this weekend, I fell in love!

There are three colours available but my faves are the slightly distressed tan colour and the vibrant berry colour (which is oh so in at the moment!). I also love the stud detailing that is carried from the little zip pulls, to the metal corners, to the bag detailing itself - it makes it seem more edgy which I really like.

Unfortunately, its a little over my price range at the moment (with student fees, car insurance and Christmas all at once, I usually spend the start of the year pretty poor!) but as soon as that baby is in the sales, its mine!

The Warehouse Metal Corners Bowling Bag is available in black, tan or dark red and is priced at £45.00.

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