31 January 2012

Jewelry Wardrobe Staple - Gold Link Bracelets

I recieved these bracelets as part of my Christmas gift from my Aunt. She later told me that they are from Boots but I haven't been able to find them online or in store, so I'm not entirely sure if that's right. 

I adore these bracelets - at the moment they are my jewelry wardrobe staple as I've worn them almost everyday since they were given to me. The thicker bracelet is a patent shiny gold colour whilst the thinner is a distressed gold colour with no shine. This difference in colour means that the pair seem to go with every outfit - they dressed up my Christmas party outfit and gave it a bit of glam and they're great accessories to a tshirt and jeans combo too!

Do you have any jewelry you wear everyday? Let me know in the comments!

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