10 January 2012

Warehouse Mini Frame Crossbody Bag

I got this Warehouse Mini Frame Crossbody Bag in the Warehouse January sale last week. There were a few different bags on sale but I absolutely adored the color and design of this one and had to purchase it.

Firstly, the color - I adore it as it goes with tonnes of outfits and brings colour when you may be wearing a more neural or dark themed outfit. The picture above is actually pretty true to life in terms of the colour. The bag itself is more of a clutch size but it can fit a fair amount in it (having this bag made me realise how much useless stuff I carry around with me!).

I think it looks kinda 20's like in style and love the quirkiness of the handle with the part chain, part fabric mix. I've been using it everyday as its still the Winter Break from Uni and I don't need to be carrying books or any bulky pieces around with me and it has worked brilliantly for shopping, a walk in the woods and I even used it at my work Christmas Party this weekend! Its fab!

This bag has massively changed my opinion of Warehouse as a brand - the store has been in town for as long as I can remember but I've never thought to go in there as I thought it was expensive and not fashionable. Having this bag has totally changed my opinion as the bag was well made, of a reasonable price and super stylish!

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