11 January 2012

Craving: Elsie Belle Ti Amo Tanto

I've been an admirer of Elsie Belle for a while now after seeing them profiled on fellow fashion blog Raindrops of Sapphire last year. Elsie Belle produce gorgeous, unique and fabulously feminine jewelry perfect for any fashionista at an affordable price - especially considering you can pretty much guarantee that none of your friends will be wearing the same jewelry as you!

I have loads of necklaces but delicate pendants like this are amongst my favourites and most regularly worn because they work with so many outfits. My favourite is the 'Ti Amo Tanto' Necklace which is so small and delicate but bold within an outfit (and in its message) - I've been admiring this particular necklace A LOT recently!

I've been visiting their website regularly over the past months, admiring the pieces and yesterday, despite my huge lack of money, took the plunge and purchased three necklaces. The 'Ti Amo Tanto' necklace for myself (and as a little message to a certain someone!) and a necklace each for my sisters birthdays (although I won't post the names of the pieces here in case they read this post!).

What do you think of the Ti Amo Tanto Necklace? Let me know in the comments!

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