20 January 2012

White Bedroom

At the moment, as I live at home with my parents, my bedroom is the base for everything - working, going online, watching TV, doing essays as well as normal relaxing and sleeping! It means my room is not as much of a peaceful sanctuary as I would like it to be.

One day, when I move out, I would really love to have a white/beige themed bedroom like the ones pictured! It makes the room seems so calm and peaceful whilst remaining elegant and stylish, light, airy and large. Its also easy to totally change the room around with just a change in pillow colour or dim in the lighting for a totally different effect. I know the colour isn't the most practical but I think in bedrooms in particular, this colour combination works great - with plush furry throws and a an oversized headboard it looks heavenly!

And a huge organised wardrobe to match wouldn't hurt either!

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