18 February 2012

Charity Starts in the Wardrobe!

When  I went grocery shopping a few weeks ago, a lovely lady near the exit door gave me a leaflet about Home Start's Ultimate New and Pre-Loved Bag Sale. Home Start is Arun's family charity that provides help for parents during tough times including post-natal illness, children's behavioral problems, bereavement, single parenting and more.

To raise money for the charity they are holding this bag-a-bag event where you can come along and browse the handbags - perhaps make a few purchases too - and support the charity. You can also donate bags to the event - to find out more info on how to do this, visit the charity's Facebook Page. Anyone that knows me realizes that I adore bags but they go out of fashion so quickly so keeping a reasonable turnover of bags is always a good thing. I think this idea is fabulous - I know that I own some bags which I'll probably never use again but are nice and that other people would use everyday. So if you are in a similar position, perhaps you could donate a few of your handbags!

The event is being held at The Body Shop Trading Post in Littlehampton on Saturday March 24th from 11am-3pm. If you live in West Sussex, this event might be for you! I'll definately be attending and hope to see you there.

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