06 February 2012

HeyKayli Inspired Hair

I am a big user of YouTube and am subscribed to channels from The Moms View to KassemG, Smosh to BlueXephos - I follow gamers, comedians, daily vloggers, beauty gurus and everything in between and try to watch each of their videos when it hits my subscription box! I adapted this hairstyle from a video on the YouTube Channel HeyKayli called 'Little Girls Holiday Hair'. I may not be a little girl anymore but I loved this hairstyle and just had to give it a go.

This is a great twist on the more traditional side pony tail - it really gives your hair interest and the bottom part of hair more volume as its been twisted around through the hair. I like to double up twisting the bunch through the hair to extend the curl further around my head but I tend not to put my hair up at the front also as it doesn't really suit me. This is a super simple way to put your hair up in a stylish way and can easily be done everyday. I've worn it on nights out, for an interview and even just when I want to throw my hair up on a lazy day.

If you want to try it too, Kayli is wonderful at explaining how to do each step so check out her video for the tutorial!

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