26 February 2012

Neons: En-Trend but Unwearable?

Wildfox Vampire Smile Baggy Beach Sweatshirt - I am obsessed with Wildfox Couture, so for me that was an obvious choice. Wildfox + Neon = LOVE!

I know that Neons are going to be big this season but for me I think they can be difficult to wear without either looking too overdone or the neon disappearing into the outfit. I mean, no one wants to walk down the street looking like they've just left a rave!

I recently discovered that I own nothing that is neon... so, I've put together some items that I think are great for the neon trend and will look awesome in outfits too! What neon pieces do you love? Let me know in the comments!

Blue Life Long Sleeved Best Bum with Pocket - I think this would look fab with tonnes of layered necklaces,  rings and bracelets for that complete bo-ho chic look!

TopShop Moto Neon Pink Hotpants - paired with an oversized tee and ankle booties, I think these shorts are perfect for summer!

Vanessa Mooney Hallie Neon Wraps - Add this to a stack of fun wrap bracelets for a simple introduction to the neon trend!

BarryM Neon Nail Polish - Finally, a great way to kick some neon into your outfit without making it the focus is by adding a neon nail polish! LOVE IT!

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