08 February 2012

Oasis Bow Detail Embellished Top

I visited Oasis for the FIRST time this weekend (if I didn't say that the 20% Student Discount and sale signs didn't entice me, I'd be lying). I walk past this shop all the time when I'm in town and often look in the window but have never been in to look around before as I thought it would be a little above my day-to-day price range. 

My local store (in Chichester) is quite small but the service I received was fabulous - the girl upstairs (where the sale items and dressing rooms are) helped me pick some pieces from the sale rail, advised me on the discounts and gave me lots of info I wouldn't have known otherwise (even running downstairs to check the price of something!)!

After a lot of perusing I went for the Oasis Bow Detail Embellished Top in a gorgeous dark purple. The fit is fabulous and exactly what I would expect to be my size (no going up or down like in some stores!). The shape is flattering and the inner layer of fabric fits snuggly against your body with the outer, whispy layer floating fabulously around. The bow detail on mine (and actually all of this particular top in store) is a little wonky... the centre of the bow hasn't been gathered properly so it just looks like a random gathering of embellished fabric on the shoulder. Also the button on the back will not undo - I don't need to undo it to take it on and off but... just a small thing! This top was originally £40 and I got it for £12 in the sale so no complaining whatsoever! Overall, I absolutely love this top and will definately be wearing it again! 

Some of the pieces in Oasis are just stunning - these kinds of dressy up blouse type tops really call to me - and I can't wait to buy more in there!

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