06 March 2012

Barbara Daly Mineral Eye Shimmer [Review]

I thought I would do a mini review of the Barbara Daly Mineral Eye Shimmer today as I purchased them late last week and have just got the chance to try them.

The two colours I brought were the Angel and Twig. Angel in the tube looks like a shimmery bronze colour but on skin it is orange with shimmer - not a look that I actively try and create. Twig is a shimmery brown but the product itself just blots out of the side of the rollers so it is very difficult to create an even look with it.  The brown in an eyeshadow palette without the glitter would be very wearable day-to-day but I don't think I could say the same for Angel.

What I really wanted to use this product for is as a base colour to add other colours too as its nice to mix up, layer and blend eyeshadows to create unique looks but I don't think its possible with this product. It wont stay on your skin it just wipes off so brushing another colour over it seems impossible - and I've now decided that I don't like applying eyeshadow with a roller like on this product! Brushes are best!

These were both on sale at Tesco for £1.12 each so I don't feel all that miffed that they aren't all that great but I am glad I didn't buy the product at full price - whatever that full price was! The Eye Shimmers aren't available to purchase online anymore and they are in the sale in stores, so if you do want to buy one, doing it very soon would be a good idea.

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