14 March 2012

Happy Birthday Emma and Elsie Belle Scrabbulous

Today is my fabulous little sister Emma's epic eighteenth birthday! Emma is a bit in love with Scrabble (she's not a nerd she just always wins and likes that!) so as well as the board game, I also purchased her the Elsie Belle Scrabbulous Necklace!

The necklace is a fabulous quality for the price paid with a delicate but sturdy chain and gold loop fitting. I love with this company that you can choose the length of the chain and colour of the fittings so you can decide exactly how  you want to wear it - all jewelry companies should do that! The wooden E piece is gorgeous and just exactly how I had imagined it from the website - if you get the chance, be sure to have a peek at the Elsie Belle website for more as all of their jewelry is unique, delicate and just stunning!

I hope you love your present and Happy Birthday Emma!

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