13 March 2012

Summer Wardrobe Staple - Hollister FlipFlops

Yesterday, in the UK, it was sunny and warm with a light breeze and it felt like SUMMER WAS HERE! Unfortunately the summer appears to have disappeared again as its miserable outside once more but I thought I'd share with you my Summer Wardrobe Staple - Hollister Flipflops.

Last year was the first time I'd ventured into expensive flipflops to last a few seasons as usually I buy a cheap pair that just about lasts for the summer months and then throw it! Although they are quite expensive for what they are, I adore mine and am so glad that I brought them. They seem to go with every outfit because they have the classic flipflop shape with the added woven design so they are simple yet interesting. Also, the colour means that they look good on tanned feet or paler feet when summer is just starting. They lasted last summer with very little damage and I'll definately be rocking them throughout this summer too.

The thing I love most about these flipflops is that they are so comfy. The sole has a fabulous curve now where I wore them everyday last summer so they are uber comfortable to walk in. Also, it doesnt rub in between my toes, even though I hadn't worn them for six months, it felt like I'd only taken them off yesterday.

I don't think I can rave enough about these flipflops - if you get the chance, be sure to pop into Hollister and try on a few pairs!

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