27 April 2012

Today's Nails: Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish in Sunny Pink

Today I'm wearing Max Factor's Max Effect Nail Polish in Sunny Pink.

This is my second experience with these Max Factor Nail Polishes but this one really attracted me because its a holographic colour. I've been searching for a fun holographic nail polish that goes well with my skintone for a little while and when I saw this one I thought I'd give it a try. I don't tend to wear pink but this has really impressed me and perhaps converted me to a pink polish lover?

As with previous experience, the product itself is fantastic. The holographic shade changes between pink, purple and gold depending upon the light and is shiny and metallic all the time! I would recommend a good few layers though to get a real depth of colour on your nails! Overall, I loved it - 9/10.

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