19 June 2012

'7 Things' - June Edition

I thought I'd try something new on my blog this month! Sprinkle Of Glitter started these posts a few weeks ago and they've inspired her to do goals she's been wanting to reach for a long time, so I thought I'd give it a try too. 

Below are the seven things which I hope to achieve in the month of June - I know there's not too long left of this month but it will at least mean that I have to be a  bit more determined and get everything done in less time.

1. Be Healthy - Whether its going out for a bike ride or having a salad with my dinner, I want to try and be a little more healthy. I'm not going to diet because dieting as a fad doesn't work but I'm going to try and introduce more vegetables to my meals and get myself moving.

2. Keep Blogging -
Now I've completed my six months of blogging everyday, it would be easy to give up and never blog again or blog randomly with no pattern or regularity, so I'm going to try and consistently blog for the rest of the month and keep my content new and interesting.

3. Don't Always Be A 'Brand Baby'-
I'm a bit of a lover of more expensive brands and often stupidly pick them over their cheaper counterparts. This month, I'll try and use some of those cheaper brands - sometimes you can discover great things in these kinds of environments - you don't always have to spend a lot of money to get a great product.

4. Stay Organised - Whether its keeping my room tidy, working through my lists of things to do or keeping up with when events and meetings are happening - I want to stay on top of my life this month! Last week, I missed a pretty huge meeting because I hadn't written it in my diary, so staying organised is key for me.

5. Experiment - I recently brought the Urban Decay Naked Palette (Check out my review HERE) which obviously wasn't cheap so I want to use it to its fullest. Some of the colours are easier to use than others, so I want to try and experiment with the palette and try and create some looks that perhaps I wouldn't have tried otherwise with colours that I haven't yet used.

6. Socialise - And I don't mean constantly go out with my friends -  I just want to make an effort to keep up with my uni friends whom have gone home after we completed our last year together.

7. Have Fun -
I've got so many fun and exciting things happening over the next few weeks and I want to make sure I enjoy them to their fullest - so my goal is to have the most fun I can and enjoy life before it changes in September.

I'd love to hear your own personal goals in the comments below and will of course let you know how I get on with my goals at the end of the month!

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  1. Fab post and fantastic goals :). I need to do this too.

    Sadie x