17 June 2012

Today's Nails: Barry M's Nail Paint in Raspberry

Today I'm wearing Barry M's Nail Paint in Raspberry. I picked this up at Boots this weekend (you can expect a Haul from my nail varnish shopping spree very soon!) and tried it out immediately (literally in the car in the car park!). This was my first experience with a Barry M product and I can see why people rave so much about this brand - I will definately be using their products again!

The colour is hard to describe but its somewhere between a plum, red and deep pink but it looks gorgeous with my skintone - this is probably one of my favourite nail polishes that I've ever worn. The finish is smooth and attention grabbing and the polish itself was easy to apply - I love the bottle design and the brush is so nice to use. At only £2.99 for such a huge bottle, I think its a bargain - especially as I only needed one coat so you're going to get plenty of looks out of this one bottle.

When applying the polish, it says very clearly on the bottle to use a basecoat but as I didn't have one to hand, I used a topcoat I'd just brought as a base coat! I've only used one coat of Barry M's nail polish with this look as it was opaque in just one coat and I used a topcoat so I didn't feel like I needed an extra coat for chipping or anything. This is one of my first tries using a topcoat without it being a glitter nail varnish which needs it or the glitter will fall off and I'm really impressed. I will be reviewing the topcoat I used (One from No7) very soon so check back.

Overall, I would give this nail polish 10/10 - literally my favourite nail polish I've ever worn! Its only been on for twenty four hours but I want to keep it on looking fresh for as long as possible - I love it!

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