24 June 2012

Craving: Skinny Brown Belt

For this edition of craving, I figured I would write about a type of item I really want but not specify one particular product. So.... I'm currently craving a skinny brown belt. I wear a lot of different mini dresses paired with leggings and would really love to do something a little different with them. I think having the ability to cinch in the waist with a cute belt is a great way to be able to dress up or down your outfit and to decide how formal it's going to be. Also, skinny belts can look great on jeans or high waisted shorts or chinos (I also would love a pair of these!) so are uber useful!

The Remi and Reid Plated Skinny Belt in Brown from Urban Outfitters is particularly nice - I love the texture of the belt itself and the interesting extended skinny buckle that goes with it. So often the buckles on these belts are quite simple so its nice to see one thats a bit different. The Free People Kingsbury Triple Wrap Belt is also cute with its distressed look to the belt material and buckle and I love that it has the ability to look so different each time you put it on depending upon how you wrap it around yourself.

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