13 June 2012

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara Review

As previously posted, I got a sample of the Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara in this month's issue of Glamour Magazine. I've been using it for a week now and thought it was about time I reviewed it.

On first opening the bottle, the brush really stood out to me - the wand is very large, long and thick with so many bristles. There is also no curve to the wand at all so I find it very cumbersome when applying my mascara - especially onto the lower lashes - its difficult not to get it on your nose or your cheeks or your eyelids... at least in my experience.

With a name like 'Bad Gal Lash', you would think that the effect would be particularly dramatic but it is very natural looking on your eyelashes. I didn't see any increase in volume nor length to my lashes, it simply coated them a darker colour and perhaps drew the attention to the eyes a little more as it does define the individual lashes particularly well. The major pro of this eyeshadow is no clumping - I've been using it for a week everyday and not once has it clumped on the brush or on my eyelashes. However, it did take multiple coats for me to achieve anything like a good look - this is the first mascara I've ever used where I've had to wait for a coat of mascara to dry before doing another. Some days, I felt I needed three or four coats to get a reasonable defined look.

The sample I used wasn't waterproof and to me that really showed - it just didn't seem to be life proof. It flaked when you touch your eye, it smudged very easily and didn't feel like it lasted all day. Panda eyes seemed very easy to come by using this mascara. 

This is my first experience with a Benefit product and I've been a little disappointed as I've heard so much about the brand. Its nice when you don't want to go all out with your eyes but its nice to have the choice whether you want to go bold or natural with your lashes and to me, this mascara doesn't allow that. Overall, I'd give this mascara a 6/10 - I won't be buying a full size one from the Benefit counter but I will definitely finish off the sample bottle I've got.

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