12 June 2012

Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Guide

Being a waitress at a hotel means that during the spring and summer, my main job is working weddings. They are my absolute favourite type of event to work because generally everyone is just so happy to be there and its nice to be around people who are celebrating something that isn't money or age or business related - they're just celebrating each other!  Summer weddings especially are fun because they're often held partially or entirely outside and the sun just makes everyone a lot happier!

Working at weddings means I get to spend rather a lot of my time surveying people's outfits and I think over the years, I've kind of worked out what level of dressed up works at weddings. So this outfit is a summer wedding guest outfit - not for anyone super close to the bride and groom but something that I think is appropriate to wear, if you're a friend. Avoiding colour and style cliches is difficult but I think this works!

Topshop Embroidered Organza Dress in Pink

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