15 June 2012

Six Months of Blogging Everyday

Today I have reached a milestone I've been aiming at for a long time - I have blogged everyday for six months. This time, on December 15th 2011, I started this blogging everyday malarkey and although its been difficult, its been really enjoyable watching my blog grow and meeting new people.  

This post is a little announcement that today is going to be the end of my 'blog everyday' stint for a few reasons. I wanted to stop at six months (not only because its a round number and seven sounded a bit random) because I've got a lot ahead - I'm doing my PGCE starting in September and I'm not going to have time to breathe let alone get a post together every single day. Real life has been getting in the way lately meaning that I've had to push blogging to the very end of the day (literally 11pm most nights). Rushing to write posts means I've not had the chance to create interesting, thought provoking or funny blogs everyday - on somedays, the pressure of having to post has meant I've posted some pretty rubbish things. So part of the reason why I'm going to stop blogging everyday is so that when I blog, you know its not a rushed, hastily put together post done just for the sake of blogging, its a quality blog post that I've taken time to put up and if somedays I am too busy to blog, its okay!  So although I am not going to blogging everyday, you can expect to hear from me very frequently here on Wardrobe Staples - you're not getting rid of me yet.

With a change in timing of blogs, I'm also going to make a few minor tweaks to the format of my blog.  I want to introduce some more lifestyle orientated posts - I'm a student on a budget so have got lots of interesting angles on student life and budgeting and university advice, but I've just finished a media degree and can talk about films and TV galore, I've got a lot of fun events and experiences taking place this summer that I would also love to share with you guys. Photography is something I'm particularly interested in, so I would love at some point to be able to share some of photos with you too. I'm going to be primarily posting about beauty and fashion and all the things in the normal 'Wardrobe Staples' features list but I want to add some extra little bits and bobs here and there that I hope you'll love.

Thank you for following my blog everyday for six months - its been amazing. Hopefully, you'll all stick around to see what happens here next. I've got a whole list of post ideas all ready to go so check back soon!

Thanks everyone for all your support!

Amy xo

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