11 June 2012

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I finally gave into my craving... I've been wanting this for soooooo long and this weekend decided to make it mine! I brought the Urban Decay Naked Palette! This post will be a review of the product in general and my experience buying it, and you can look forward to more reviews of individual colours in the future. 

The product as a whole costs £36 which might seem expensive but when you consider the quality of the packaging, the mini eyeshadow primer, the fabulous brush and the twelve colours, thats only £3 per colour - not that expensive if you ask me. This was my first experience buying a product from a high-end counter where you get such great service. She used make-up remover to get rid of the swatches on my hands before I left the store, gave ideas on colour combinations and was just generally helpful. Definitely makes the price you pay for the palette feel more worth it when you get great service like that.

The fabric of the packaging is beautiful with the gold embossed lettering but it gets dirty so easily - a little frustrating for something so expensive. The inside of the palette itself is a lot cheaper looking than I had expected - as you can see from the picture below, you can easily see the folds in the paper underneath the mirror.

The first thing I noticed about the colours themselves is how many of them feature shimmer. Being called the naked palette, I would have expected the colours to be a lot less glittery and more matt but the colours are lovely all the same. They're all very pigmented and of a high quality with a tiny amount needed on your brush to create a bold look. The colours are easily blendable with each other so you can create real depth with your eyeshadow too and I'm sure that you'll  never be able to create the same look twice depending on how much of each colour you put on your brush. The colours are such wide ranging from a creamy white, through shades of nude, brown and pink, up to the blues on the far right - each of them are fabulous.

I can't wait to start creating fun looks with the products, using the new brush which is weighted so beautifully and trying eyeshadow primer for the first time!

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  1. £36 IS expensive when you compare it to other online retailers who are selling it for over 45% off. Got mine from barcode and it is perfect! Cost me $28 (£17) total