06 June 2012

Wardrobe Staples: Jersey Skater Dress

I wanted to share another wardrobe staple with you - jersey skater dresses. With the weather so changeable at the moment, I've found these mini dresses to be the most useful basic and a fabulous edition to my wardrobe.

I've always been very scared to try on clothes like this because I'm not the most confident of people and prefer to hide my lumps and bumps wherever possible. With the jersey material that you would presume to be clingy in the wrong places, they don't look all that appealing on the hanger. So to those who are like me, go for it because sometimes when you're ransacking the aisles and you've picked up a few bits, you might find a gem.

The shape of this style of dress is so flattering - particularly I find for those with a little waist and bigger hips & thighs. It skims over the stomach and flares out as soon as it reaches your hips so no one need know you're hiding slightly chubby thighs beneath. I also find they are super adaptable no matter what the occasion - I've paired my red dress with a brown leather jacket, chunky knit scarf, tights and boots on those days when its not so warm and also rocked the dress with layered necklaces, leggings and heels for a night-out with my friends. You can also pair it with jeans when you don't want to get the legs out, or bum around the house in them with a pair of shorts. 

Check out the Topshop's Flippy Hem Dresses (as featured above) HERE - I've brought two colours of this style so far and I'm definately going to get more! In particular, I've found the material to be uber-comfy - not the kind of comfy where the fabric stretches out of shape and looks awful but in a flattering way where you can feel relaxed without having to worry about how you look like.The fabric is of a great quality, the come in a great selection of colours, they wash up nicely, they haven't stretched or got out of shape and they're on sale for £12 right now - bargain!

Jersey Skater Dresses are a great basic for anyone's collection no matter what size, shape or style you rock, its very flattering and has become one of my wardrobe staples.

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