03 October 2012

My Pandora Bracelet

This is my Pandora Bracelet, which I was lucky enough to receive as a gift from my aunts for my 21st Birthday in July. I did know what I was going to get as I was allowed to pick exactly which charms and bracelet I wanted, with a little input from them too but I was also given one of the charms as a surprise!

I started with the Pandora Moments Starter Love and Stars Bracelet which consists of the sterling silver bracelet itself, the two 'Firework Clips' (Above: far right and far left) which hold the rest of the charms at the front of the bracelet and the 'Openwork Heart Charm'(Above: Second from the right)  These things all together were £99 which I think is reasonable considering buying these pieces seperately would have cost £125. I then added the 'July Birthstone Charm' (Above: second from the left) which is a silver metal flower with orange Carnelian stones. To me, my bracelet was complete for my present - I had the clips and two gorgeous charms.

On my birthday, when I received the gift from them, there was also an extra box in the Pandora Bag - the 'Heart and Love Charm'  (Above: Middle). Its an absolutely gorgeous bead - one of my favourites from the collection and I was SO excited to be able to rock it on my bracelet! I think it really completes it and puts me on a solid gold and silver colour scheme for future special occasion charm buying!

I truly believe that Pandora Bracelets are great accessories - as gifts or for yourself. Each charm could represent an important life goal or event, marks in a relationship or even just to buy one for yourself for your personal jewelry collection. They are expensive but I think totally worthwhile as they'll last forever and will be a timeless piece. 

I do have three top tips if you're thinking of buying one yourself:

Firstly, don't get a bracelet that is too large - having it slip down your arm is frustrating, as my sister brought one and the lady in the shop wouldn't allow her to try on a smaller size. Its supposed to be on your wrist, not falling down your arm because its a special piece of jewelery to savour, not to be jangling around. 

Secondly, buy clips - this keeps the beads that you buy at the front of the bracelet and stops them from slipping down the bracelet itself and hanging underneath your wrist. They sit prominently on top and you can get some pretty stylish clips too! 

Thirdly, don't worry about how many beads you have on there and the colour scheme - each of the beads having individual meanings from special occasions is to me is more important than everything blending into one colour scheme. Yes, if I was buying my own bracelet, just as a bracelet without any particular meaning, I would probably do a colour scheme but meaning is far more important!

What do you think of Pandora Bracelets? I know there are lots of charm bracelets companies out there but personally, I think Pandora is one of the best. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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