16 September 2012

Craving: Topshop Scarves for Fall

Now we're moving into autumn, scarves become a wardrobe staple for me. They provide warmth whilst allowing you to still wear the pieces you loved from summer for a few months more.

Some of my favourite scarves this season are from Topshop. I love subtle patterns that give the piece character without being over the top. The Topshop range of scarves and snoods are definately at the high end of the scarves price range, with the average piece close to 20 pounds each, but I'm easily swayed in store when I feel the fabric and try it on!

Neutrals with bright aspects are fun because it means they're versatile enough to fit with any outfit but have their own focus to make a subtler outfit pop. I'm not such a fan of snoods (although I have featured some above) because they aren't quite as versatile as scarves are - I like that you can wear scarves in so many different ways but snoods, although they may have a great pattern, are literally a loop or two of fabric around your neck.

What do you think of the scarves Topshop have produced this season? Let me know in the comments!

The scarves above are: Topshop Ditsy Scatter Floral Scarf (Top Left), Topshop Fairisle Snood in Multi (Bottom Left), Topshop Cream Skull Scarf (Middle), Topshop Toucan Pront Scarf (Top Right), Topshop Mono Ivy Skull Scarf (Bottom Right)

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