20 September 2012

Scarlett Hearts Golden Snitch Necklace (Review)

I've brought a few necklaces from online jewelry store 'Scarlett Hearts' this summer and after getting plenty of wear from all of them, I thought I'd review my favourite for you all - Scarlett Hearts' Golden Snitch Necklace!

Being a Harry Potter nerd, as soon as I saw this necklace, I knew I had to have it! The piece is a handmade mini 'Golden Snitch' with two golden wings which opens to store a special photo or something small inside! I got the necklace on a short chain as I own so much on long chains and it hangs and has lasted perfectly. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was that the wings weren't fixed in the position they appear in on the site, but I have really learnt to love them moving round and actually think it gives more movement and life to one of my favourite little props from the movies! I've had so many people ask if my necklace was from Harry Potter and its so exciting to be able to say yes and explain more about it!

The speed of service from the company was fantastic - delivered in only a few days in a cute little red bag to keep it in and room for a special something inside, it just confirms that its the little touches that designers add to their pieces which make them so fabulous!

For only £6, the Scarlett Hearts' Golden Snitch Necklace perfect for any Harry Potter fan - I'm going to be wearing it to the WB Studio Tour next weekend too, to show off my nerdiness!

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